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About us

Accurate plastics fabrication by state-of-the-art processes

PDF is an international leader in plastics fabrication and distribution, serving such industries a aerospace, semiconductor, biomedical, automotive, marine, commercial and governmental. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures our capability to accept designs developed in such software programs as CAD/CAM SOLIDWORKS, Pro-E and Autocad software and convert them into programs used in our computer-driven milling centers and turning equipment. This state-of-the-art technology saves time and money by virtually eliminating human error. Once a blueprint is converted into a CAD program (or the program you provide us is entered), we run a sophisticated computer simulation of the fabrication process, to ensure accurate and cost-effective manufacturing.

Enjoy one-stop-shopping convenience of a full-service operation

With PDF you'll enjoy the one-stop-shopping convenience of a full-service operation, certified in the latest requirements of ISO-9001. Whatever form your plastic fabrication needs take, we can fulfill them. In fact, before you're even ready to place an order, we can provide consultation on design and material selection to help ensure your products achieve optimum performance.

Fabrication capabilities

Our capabilities include milling, turning, precision saw cutting, drilling, die cutting, pressure/thermo forming, screw-machining, welding, engraving, silk screening, polishing and assembly.

The right materials for your project

We distribute and work with a wide range of materials including A.B.S., Acrylic, CELCON®, Delrin®, Eslon®, Glass Epoxy, Lexan®, Mylar®, Nylon, PEEK®, PVC, Plexiglas®, Teflon®, Torlon®, U.H.M.W., Vespel®, Vinyl in all types of shapes and sizes.

Our secure, modern facility is located in Haverhill, MA, and can be easily accessed from Route 495. Get directions >

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